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About Us

The Winner’s Circle is St. Pete’s premier networking mastermind for local service based business owners. Our goal is to help you quickly and easily overcome challenges and scale your business to its greatest potential.

The Winner’s Circle is St. Pete’s premier networking mastermind for local service based business owners. Our goal is to help you quickly and easily overcome challenges and scale your business to its greatest potential. The Winner’s Circle formula for success is based on 2 time tested principals which have been proven to help business owners hit their goals faster: networking and coaching. As a Winner’s Circle Member you will meet monthly with experts who will coach you in the areas of sales and profit optimization, the latest digital marketing strategies, copywriting and email marketing campaigns. Our expert team will help you generate high quality leads, and close more sales than ever before by sharing customized strategies and key insights, specifc to your business growth goals. In addition to monthly coaching sessions, Winner’s Circle members will meet in person once a month. Each in person meetup is structured for solution focused networking opportunities, so you can build relationships and potential partnerships with other successful local business owners. The Winner’s Circle is a highly curated, invitation only group of business owners and entrepreneurs who are passionate about serving their clients, and their community. We believe great things happen when like-minded people come together. In the Winner’s Circle we solve problems, share wins, and lift each other up as we climb to higher levels of success.


Our mission is to give local entrepreneurs the tools to grow their business and achieve their goals. We connect you with other successful business owners and experts in areas that are integral to growing your business in measurable ways. We focus on key areas that make the biggest impact: Sales and profit optimization, Marketing and Copywriting, social media presence, website development, and search engine optimization. We believe a personalized approach can bring you the results you're looking for.


Erica Vellanti

Erica Vellanti is a serial entrepreneur from Largo, Florida. She has founded 9 businesses in the past 17 years. She opened her first business, a local martial arts school when she was just 18 years old. Within 8 years she grew her business to be in the top .01% of the industry, and was featured on the cover of many industry magazines.

In 2014, she exited that business to pursue her dream of helping other martial arts business owners add 6 figures+ to their annual revenue by teaching her After School and Summer Camp systems. Within 2.5 years she’d helped her clients across the country collectively generate an additional $10 million in revenue, and change thousands more lives in their communities.

In 2017 Erica successfully exited her martial arts consulting business, and went on to work with companies outside the martial arts industry.

She became known as the secret weapon to many 6, 7 and 8 figure companies. Her systems and mentorship have helped some of her most recent clients go from inconsistent $15K months to $50K months, and $100K months to $500K+ months. She was able to help another client generate and additional $1 million in revenue in just 6 months.

Erica has worked with a multitude of different businesses, from age management clinics to consulting firms to SCUBA dive stores. Erica is known for cross pollinating effective strategies from different industries to help business owners break the convention of “what’s always been done,” so they can scale their businesses, hit their goals and generate more revenue simultaneously.

Nicholas Vellanti

Nick’s passion for entrepreneurship started in high school. As a young man from humble beginnings, he knew he had to get creative if he wanted to become financially independent. He started his first business by buying, refurbishing and reselling car parts, guitars and amps while he worked his day job and went to school.

In 2008 Nick was accepted into FSU and pursued a major in biology and a minor in chemistry. In addition to life sciences, he is also interested in macroeconomics, computer science, woodworking, and auto engineering. 

After college, Nick discovered a niche which allowed him to put his biology degree to use, growing gourmet mushrooms. He figured out a system to scale the business, but he needed to figure out how to find hardwood shavings as growing material for the mushrooms. He asked himself, “what business creates a byproduct of hard wood shavings?” He approached a local cabinet shop and found they had gigantic bags of sawdust as a waste product. He offered to recycle their waste for free, and they agreed! This allowed Nick to scale his business and eventually sell it, in 2016.

Nick went on to become a business investor and Co-Founder of the Winner’s Circle. He currently uses his skills and abilities to manage the day-to-day operations of the business as the Winner’s Circle Chief Operations Officer.